Schedule of Events

Date/Time: August 6th, 2023

  • Main Festival 12pm-6pm

Location: Johnnie B Wiley Sports Pavilion

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2023 Schedule

12:00 – Vegan Snack Options for New Vegans (with samples) by DeChantell Lloyd

1:00 – Revamp Your Kitchen with Healthy Meal Preps by Saladmaster (sponsored by Food Saved Me Institute)

2:00 – Vegan Cooking Demo for New Vegans by Oboseoye Ojeaga

3:00 – Yoga Demo by Shaair

4:00 – Benefits of Purified Water by Capucine Philson

5:00 – Yoga Demo by Ike the Healer


12:00PM – Vegan Snack Options for New Vegans (with samples) by DeChantel Lloyd

DeChantell is a fun loving yoga teacher and wellness expert, pursuing medicine.  Her fierce and urban style of yoga is refreshing and her motivation to make wellness accessible in all communities is inspiring. DeChantell specializes in transitioning students to a studio practice and a healthy lifestyle. She is also the founder of Living Well with DeChantell and Code Blu Juice Bar. During her free time she loves studying nutrition, philosophy, anatomy, and yogic disciplines. She appreciates art and the power of stillness, to calm the mind.

DeChantells healthy lifestyle choices is what attracts many people to her practice. She has written a eBook, writes for online publications, teaches throughout the community, and conducts workshops and wellness retreats internationally. Please join us in the community and remember to bring a mat.

1:00PM – Revamp Your Kitchen with Healthy Meal Preps by SaladMaster (sponsored by FOOD SAVED ME INSTITUTE)

Hear some nutrition tidbits on the importance of getting more fiber, fruits and vegetables into your diet, and why, according to the American Institute of Cancer Research and the American Diabetes Association, this is so importance for disease prevention. By cooking at home, we maximize control over the foods we prepare and feed our bodies. And with the right kitchen tools, cooking is made fun, fast, energy efficient and most of all, nutritious and healing. This class includes free handouts and recipes to take home!

2:00 – Vegan Cooking Demo for New Vegans by Oboseoye Ojeaga

Oboseoye Ojeaga is the owner of Plant Soul Vegan, a company bringing awareness to plant-based eating through workshops, food demonstrations and social media content. She is excited to share her Heart of Palm Cake recipe at this year’s VegFest. Heart of Palms are used in vegan cooking to mimic and take on seafood flavors. This cake is filled with hints of garlic, onions, acid and sea vegetables. See you all soon!

Demo Details: The food demo will be a step by step process of how Oboseoye prepares a small batch of heart of palm cakes & a sauce to pair with the cakes. She will have a larger batch of heart of palm cakes already prepared and ready to fry during the food demonstration to save time. For her set up she will have an induction burner, pan for cooking, mixing bowls and ingredients. She will also call guests up occasionally to participate in the food demo for mixing, forming patties, and frying patties.

3:00PM – Yoga Demo by Shaair

Shaair began yoga about six years ago. It began as a college hobbie for stress management. Over the years she has found her mat as the only constant in her life. Recently, Shaair completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training. She is now on a mission to integrate her yoga practice into her practice as a mental health professional. Shai is very passionate about the mind and body, and would like to spread awareness on the connection that they have to our daily functioning. More importantly, she would like to spread techniques and skills within her community. With so much love & so much light Shai is delighted to humbly share her practice with anyone of interest.

4:00PM – Benefits of Purified Water by Capucine Philson

Capucine Philson 4Pm will be discussing the benefits of purified water for personal use and cooking.

Capucine Philson here and I’m southern born and bred but I’ve been deemed a Buffalonian. I migrated here in 2010 and I’ve been enjoying my life meeting and living amongst many wonderful people in Buffalo, NY. I’m an aspiring playwright and poet while I use my voice in activism through several outlets, veganism being one of them. My vegan journey started about 31 years ago but I resisted it until 10 years ago. I love to cook and becoming vegan has strengthened my skills in seasoning and being creative.

Her motto is ‘Change your palette to change your mind!’

4:00PM – Yoga Demo by Ike the Healer

Christian Smith better know as his stage name “Uncle Hefner” is an agriculturist,wellness enthusiast and musician from the city of Buffalo. Smith is also an advocate for the practice of yoga which he incorporates in his daily life for the past 3 years to stabilize joints of the body & relieve inflammation for the process of healing injuries.

Food Drive

WNY VegFest is happy to sponsor a Vegan Food Drive at the festival to benefit Buffalo Food Not Bombs, a group which gives free healthy food to anyone who is hungry. Please bring any non-perishable vegan food items to the event. FNB has suggested rice, canned or dry beans, lentils, whole grains, pasta, olive oil, balsamic or apple cider vinegar, flours, teas, coffee, sea salt, or other vegan items.

Items will be collected at the Food Not Bombs booth throughout the day!

Join us at the Festival! Buffalo and Western New York have seen an explosion of interest in health, compassion, and plant-based eating over the last few years. With the creation and growth of groups like Buffalo Vegetarian Society, WNY Vegans, Animal Advocates of WNY, and ASHA Animal Sanctuary, the local community is eagerly anticipating WNY VegFest.

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