Schedule of Events

Date/Time: August 4th, 2019

  • 5K Run/Walk 9:30am
  • Main Festival 11am – 5pm

Location: Buffalo Riverworks

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2019 Schedule



(To be presented in the sport court closest to the parking lot at the end nearest the building)


DeChantell “De” Lloyd is an energetic, yoga loving, juicing fanatic vegan, and the owner of Buffalo’s Code Blu Juice Bar (CBJB). She is also self-proclaimed health enthusiasts who loves food and just so happen that life inspired her to be a health coach, yoga teacher and to pursue her next chapter in Ayurveda Medicine. So amazing!

Her healthy lifestyle is prevalent in all that she does. DeChantell’s initial lifestyle change began when she made the conscious decision to eliminate certain foods from her diet. She abstained from red meat and pork for ten years before transitioning into the vegetarian lifestyle. While the vegetarian lifestyle agreed with her for two years, she decided to take on yet another challenge. With the support from dear friends and a desire to eat even “cleaner”, she embraced the vegan lifestyle and has been loving it ever since.

Her work on living a healthy lifestyle has been featured on “” and shared by various sources. This inspired DeChantell to launch her own wellness site “”where she inspires people globally to connect the mind, body and spirit in order to live collectively.

You can connect with her and find out more at


Cooking demo: Chickpea Tuna

Capucine Philson here and I’m southern born and bred but recently have been deemed a Buffaloian. I migrated here in 2010 and I’ve been enjoying my life meeting and living amongst many wonderful people in Buffalo, NY. I’m an aspiring playwright and poet while I use my voice in activism through several outlets, veganism being one of them. My vegan journey started about 27 years ago but I resisted it until just 6 years ago. While flirting with it slipping in and out of the vegetarian lifestyle. I love to cook and becoming vegan has strengthened my skills in seasoning and being creative.


Find out what a whole food plant based lifestyle can do for you as you hear from the entire cast of Big Change The Film who have lost 990 pounds and regained their health.


NUTRITION MADE SIMPLE .. A Healthy Cooking Class Sponsored by Healthy Kitchen Healthy Life, WNY SALADMASTER DEALER

I share some nutrition tidbits on the importance of getting more fiber, fruits and vegetables into your diet, and why, according to the American Institute of Cancer Research and the American Diabetes Association, this is so importance for disease prevention. By cooking at home, we maximize control over the foods we prepare and feed our bodies. And with the right kitchen tools, cooking is made fun, fast, energy efficient and most of all, nutritious and healing. This class includes free handouts and recipes to take home!


‘Chicken’ Finger Subs

At this year’s WNY Vegfest, Tracy will be sharing her secret recipe for this vegan version of a Buffalo favorite.

Tracy Murphy, B.Sc., M.Sc. is the founder and president of Asha Sanctuary and continues to serve as the director for the Buffalo Vegan Society. Founded by Tracy in 2007, the Buffalo Vegan Society is Western New York’s first vegan organization that brought together like-minded individuals for fellowship, education and support, while hosting expert vegan medical professionals to lecture throughout the year. Tracy is the brainstorm behind Asha’s successful Albert the Super Cow, Albert’s Super Kitchen, Meet A Cow and Kiss A Cow programs which bring thousands to the sanctuary every year. She lives with a rescued, canine companion, Samsara, and a rescued cat, Scarlet.


Vanessa Dawson is the co- founder of Penelope’s Place the sanctuary, a sanctuary and rescue for special needs animals. Currently they provide loving and safe homes to sick and injured chickens, as well as a few cats and rabbits. Penelope’s Place began in Brooklyn, NY with one special needs chicken named Penelope who stole her heart and changed her life forever.

After she passed away in 2017, Vanessa and her husband Steven moved back home to the Buffalo area to continue her legacy and care for others just like her. Vanessa stars in the viral documentary Penelope: a Rescue Story and the newly released film Robin, Rescued from the Dead. Vanessa also runs the Compassionate Self- Actualization Center in Clarence where she teaches yoga and meditation. She specializes in working with vegan activists and helping people to heal from trauma. Vanessa has been a vegan for 14 years and a vegetarian from the age of 9. She is passionate about helping others make the transition to veganism and hosts classes on how to do so.


A former powerlifting and bodybuilding champion, Patrick experienced first hand the dangers of a “Meat-heavy” diet. An appearance on the television show, American Ninja Warrior in 2013 motivated him to find another way to fuel his body for maximum performance. After a few failed attempts, Patrick coupled what he had learned about avoiding consuming animal products with his love of all living things, and has recently become fully vegan. An advocate of animal rescue, and owner of a kids ninja warrior facility, Patrick is passionate about sharing his
Enthusiasm for a vegan diet with all of his students.

“I challenge anyone to name an athletic feet that can be performed on a non-vegan diet, that cannot be performed by a vegan”.



DIY Vegan Household Cleaning Supplies and Personal Care Items Demo

Marcy Zastrow is The Vegan Educator. She is a certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator (VLCE), graduate of the T. Colin Campbell Plant Based Nutrition Course, and vegan for over 25 years. She became conscious of environmental issues as a child and realized that a vegan lifestyle is not just good for the animals and your health, but also the environment. She has been experimenting with environmentally friendly vegan DIY products and is excited to present them to you. Learn more about The Vegan Educator at


12:00pm – 12:45pm Runners Yoga
1:15pm – 2:15pm Power Yoga
2:30pm – 3:00pm Kids Yoga
4:00pm – 5:00pm Chill-Yasa

Located in the sport court closest to the parking lot. (Opposite end of the speakers.)


Located in the sport court closer to the water at the end nearest to the entrance into Riverworks

Animal mask crafting
Beaded bracelets
Face painting
Kids tattoos

Food Drive

WNY VegFest is happy to sponsor a Vegan Food Drive at the festival to benefit Buffalo Food Not Bombs, a group which gives free healthy food to anyone who is hungry. Please bring any non-perishable vegan food items to the event. FNB has suggested rice, canned or dry beans, lentils, whole grains, pasta, olive oil, balsamic or apple cider vinegar, flours, teas, coffee, sea salt, or other vegan items.

Items will be collected at the Food Not Bombs booth throughout the day!

Join us at the Festival! Buffalo and Western New York have seen an explosion of interest in health, compassion, and plant-based eating over the last few years. With the creation and growth of groups like Buffalo Vegetarian Society, WNY Vegans, Animal Advocates of WNY, and ASHA Animal Sanctuary, the local community is eagerly anticipating WNY VegFest.

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