Schedule of Events

Date/Time: September 26th, 2021

  • Main Festival 11am-6pm

Location: Buffalo Riverworks

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2021 Schedule

11:30 – Yoga with DeChantell

12:00 – A Children’s book read by Kate Bartlett

12:30 – Parent-Child Yoga with Kristen

1:00 – Stephanie Genco – Beyond Vegetables: How to Make Nutritionally Balanced Meals on a Plant Based Diet

2:00 – Cooking demo with Capucine Philson – Lentil Sloppy Joe’s

3:00 – Acoustic Yoga with Austin & Kristen

4:00 – Children’s Book Read Aloud

4:30 – Cooking demo with Chris Cooney The Vegan Zombie – Tofu Scramble


11:30AM – Yoga with DeChantell

DeChantell is a fun loving yoga teacher and wellness expert, pursuing medicine.  Her fierce and urban style of yoga is refreshing and her motivation to make wellness accessible in all communities is inspiring. DeChantell specializes in transitioning students to a studio practice and a healthy lifestyle. She is also the founder of Living Well with DeChantell and Code Blu Juice Bar. During her free time she loves studying nutrition, philosophy, anatomy, and yogic disciplines. She appreciates art and the power of stillness, to calm the mind.

DeChantells healthy lifestyle choices is what attracts many people to her practice. She has written a eBook, writes for online publications, teaches throughout the community, and conducts workshops and wellness retreats internationally. Please join us in the community and remember to bring a mat.

12:00PM – A Children’s Book Read by Kate Bartlett

12:30PM – Parent-Child Yoga with Kristen

Parent child flow — 30 minutes of yoga for parent and child to spend some quality time together in a space that encourages the exploration of mindfulness and movement.

1:00PM – Stephanie Genco – Beyond Vegetables: How to Make Nutritionally Balanced Meals on a Plant Based Diet

Have you ever wanted to try plant-based eating but wondered things like, “How will I get enough protein?” or “Wouldn’t I get bored with vegetables?” Whether you’re a long-time veg friend or newly curious about plant-based diets, this session will give you a reassuring overview of how you can easily meet all your nutritional needs through plant foods! We’ll talk about the plant-based food groups (so much more than veggies!), demonstrate what real high-protein plant-based meals can look like, and show how to put balanced meals together easily & affordably. Plant-based eating doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective!

Stephanie Genco is a Holistic Nutrition Coach and the owner of Wellness in the Village, a wellness center & boutique in Alden. Stephanie looks at personal wellness as a series of actively pursued goals that are within our control. Through coaching experiences, she helps clients learn how to nourish their bodies with whole plant foods while maintaining a positive relationship with “fun” or convenience foods. She incorporates enjoyable movement, self-care, and mental health support into daily routines in ways that spark joy. Whether working individually, together with a group, or independently (with support) through a membership program, she wants you to feel empowered to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle that gives you the strength, energy, & confidence to go after your wildest dreams.

You can learn more about Steph as a coach at and about the services, classes, and products available at Wellness in the Village at

2:00PM – Cooking demo with Capucine Philson – Lentil Sloppy Joe’s

Capucine will be demonstrating how to make clean and healthy one pot vegan lentil sloppy Joe’s.

Her motto is ‘Change your palette to change your mind!’

3:00PM – Acoustic Yoga with Austin & Kristen

Acoustic Yoga — an all-level vinyasa flow; we’ll move together to the rhythm of our breath and Austin’s sweet soul strumming acoustic guitar.

This class will be focused on heart-opening to connect with our interconnectedness and compassion for all beings, everywhere (including our animal friends!)

4:00PM – Children’s Book Read Aloud

4:30PM – Cooking demo with Chris Cooney The Vegan Zombie – Tofu Scramble

Born and raised in Syracuse, NY, Chris is the creator and host of the popular YouTube show, The Vegan Zombie. He is also the co-author of the award-winning cookbook Cook & Survive. He is a long time vegan and along with his sidekick, Indy the German Shepherd, he puts his spin on his love for film, horror, and his vegan lifestyle to teach and inspire others to live a healthy and more compassionate life. He has been around film all his life as he grew up with his father making home movies with him on a super 8mm camera. Chris saved up his paychecks when he was 16 and bought a camcorder instead of a car and has been making movies and short videos ever since. He has directed several shorts which can be found on his popular YouTube channel.

Food Drive

WNY VegFest is happy to sponsor a Vegan Food Drive at the festival to benefit Buffalo Food Not Bombs, a group which gives free healthy food to anyone who is hungry. Please bring any non-perishable vegan food items to the event. FNB has suggested rice, canned or dry beans, lentils, whole grains, pasta, olive oil, balsamic or apple cider vinegar, flours, teas, coffee, sea salt, or other vegan items.

Items will be collected at the Food Not Bombs booth throughout the day!

Join us at the Festival! Buffalo and Western New York have seen an explosion of interest in health, compassion, and plant-based eating over the last few years. With the creation and growth of groups like Buffalo Vegetarian Society, WNY Vegans, Animal Advocates of WNY, and ASHA Animal Sanctuary, the local community is eagerly anticipating WNY VegFest.

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